• Category: Websites
  • My Contributions: Programmed, Designed, and

    maintained AppleseedBM Website

  • Current Website URL: AppleseedBM


I provided multiple renditions of websites from one page to multiple pages. I programmed the main website in HTML, CSS, and javascript using bootstrap for scalability and reliability. I also set up a webserver to host our website at the company location. The website stayed up for 3 years until 2020 where I designed a new website in GoDaddy to allow the Boss to make changes since he could not code.

Both at my job as a graphic designer and outside of my job, I completed graphics for a multitude of clients. At my job, I mainly did work for restaurants including both logo design for their homepage of their POS and their receipts. I also completed multiple backgrounds for their POS to make them both user friendly and fun for the staff. Outside of work, I completed mainly logos for clients on both Twitch and YouTube, to sell their brand and name.