Game information

  • Category: Solo Project
  • My Contributions: 2D Art Assets and Core Game Idea and Design

Game Description

You find yourself trapped in a room of the asylum, you can't remember how you got there but you know you must get out. Work together or kill each other trying in this psychological board game, where everyone can be your friend or your enemy, but only your madness will allow you to escape or die.

Game Info

The game is designed as a board game with the opportunity to become a 3d game. It's based on the idea that 5 players are locked in rooms, and have to search through the chest to find keys to the main asylum door. As searching occurs noises are made by the player which alerts the asylum doctor to the player's location, once there the player will roll a chance dice to see if they are found or if they got away. If found they increase in madness, each level of madness has its rewards, but at stage 3 it can also mean death. Players must work together to escape or die together trying.