Game information

  • Category: Solo Project
  • My Contributions: 2D Art Assets, Programming,

    Level Design, and Core Game Idea and Design

Game Description

This game is a work in progress for the second-grade teachers at Crocker Elementry School in Fitchburg, MA for a virtual version of a game they no longer can physically play with their kids due to COVID. The objective of the game is for each student to get 10 cards in front of them. The first player rolls the 9 sided dice and adds it up. This player then looks at his/her cards and sees if they have two cards that add up to what the dice roll adds to. If they do, they flip the two cards, the next player rolls, and the game continues around until one player has no cards left. If the player doesn't have cards that add to the dice then the next player goes and attempts to find cards that add to the last dice roll.